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Are you getting results with direct mail?  Do you have a direct mail strategy?

Offline marketing is just as critical as your online marketing, but only productive when done correctly.  Specifically, farming can be a great revenue piece to your business.  Here are the steps to creating a productive farming strategy:

  1. Pick a neighborhood with high turnover
  2. Pick a neighborhood that is not dominated by one agent or one company
  3. Mail postcards once a month!
  4. Design your postcards with community information and market statistics
  5. Have a call to action on each postcard.  An offering of something valuable for free
  6. Every time there is a new listing in the neighborhood, preview it
  7. Personally visit every FSBO in the neighborhood
  8. Contact every Expired Listing in your farm if permitted in your market
  9. Hold open houses consistently when you get a listing in your farm
  10. Hold another agent’s listing open in your farm if they will allow it and you don’t have any listings

Farming is a system that requires consistency.  If you would like to get a productive farming system in place.

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