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What kind of system do you have in place to generate buyer leads and convert those leads into closings?

Here are a few tips to generate more buyer leads and convert those leads into sales:

  1. Lead generation
    1. Internet
    2. Open House
    3. Referrals from past clients
    4. First time home buyer seminars
    5. Mailing campaign to renters
    6. Just Listed and Just Sold postcards
    7. Sign calls
    8. Ad calls
    9. Broker to broker referrals
    10. FSBO’s that don’t have a buyers agent for their purchase
  2. Lead conversion
    1. A lead-management/lead follow-up system
    2. An email drip campaign
    3. Excellent telephone skills
    4. Stop selling and start qualifying and consulting
    5. Don’t information overload & listen to their wants and needs
    6. Provide neighborhood/community information and market data/statistics
    7. Make a commitment to your buyers and get a commitment from your buyers

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