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For more than eighty-five years the Keyes Company has set the industry benchmark for real estate training and it has become the trademark of our company's success. On the Keyes University Learning Management System (LMS) Keyes has brought together every facet of real estate education. With the Five Star Certification Program associates are able to traverse a spectrum of training modules from the hands on classroom Business Certification and Technical Certification programs to our online Sales and Service Certification.


Because we consider each associate a business partner. The Business Certification Program is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to create your own "Keyes Franchise." Each of the days within the two-weeks course are "hands-on" and are centered on accountability.

Because Keyes is on the cusp of real estate technology, our associates receive a state of the art learning experience in our Technical Certification Program. This live classroom training covers not only the basics of computer knowledge but delves into the vast array of support tools that are available to our associates.

This eight-week "accelerated success" training program keeps associates focused on what they need to do immediately following the first two Certifications. This is a Manager facilitated two-hour program in the associates office.

The Sales Certification is available online at the Keyes University LMS. There are twelve learning modules, with a short quiz following each of the ten-minute videos The Sales modules spotlight each aspect of the selling process, with special emphasis on the human component of "sales."

The Service Certification is also taught via the Keyes University LMS online. There are twelve learning modules, each followed by a short quiz. The Service videos concentrate on the vital importance of servicing each client and concentrates on how to accomplish this by adapting the service to the individual needs of the client.


A critical aspect of the Five Star Certification Program, and, one that separates Keyes from all other real estate companies, is the Field Trainer Program. Each new associate is assigned a Field Trainer that works with you through your first two transactions. Your Field Trainer will establish a precise and personalized roadmap to help you achieve your goals.


The Advanced Masters Program is an in-class training program, which covers myriad of programs and services available within Keyes. Subjects include everything from Short Sales and Foreclosures to Personal Marketing and the Keyes Luxury Portfolio.

  1. "Meet the Stars" Interviews.
    There are seventeen interviews conducted with all of the top producers in Keyes and some who are within the top five in the United States. Each interview is dedicated to helping our associates achieve their highest level of success.
  2. Real Estate Training Webinars
    There are more than thirty short (less than fifteen minute) training webinars covering the subjects taught in the Five Star Certification Program.


This thirty-day program contains a schedule of daily activities that will place a new associate firmly on the road to success.

  1. "Your Training Advantage for the 21st Century"
    This sixty-minute CD will train and motivate you to become a true real estate professional.
  2. "Mastering the Answers to Every Seller's Objections"
    This interactive audio CD will help you master the answers to the most critical seller's objections.
  3. "Scripts...Scripts & More Scripts"
    This interactive CD will show you how to consistently make appointments and fine tune your listing presentation.

Keyes offers the top Dog Commercial series as well as an array of special seminars for both the experienced commercial specialist and those wanting to enter the commercial real estate field.

Additional Keyes Training Tools


The Art of Uploading a Great Listing Apr 26, 2019

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Contacts Relationship Building Blitz Apr 26, 2019

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New Associate Training Apr 29, 2019

11290 Legacy Ave Suite 140 Palm Beach Gardens Florida 33410

kvCore Training Apr 30, 2019

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Technology Training Apr 30, 2019

21065 Powerline Road C-7 Boca Raton Florida 33433

New Associate Training Apr 30, 2019

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Success Stories

  • Mr. Clodgo, through this letter I would like to express my thankfulness for the time you spent with us, teaching us the basics of being a truly Realtor. All the instruction I received in those days ...
    Hector Yusti, Realtor, Keyes Commercial

  • Hello Mr. Reibel and Mrs. Aragon, I`m fairly new to Keyes, and definitely new to Real Estate, but I must say I find your emails, especially the "tips" incredibly helpful and more importantly, loaded...
    John Rojas, Realtor, Keyes Coral Gables

  • Hi Mike! I thought you might be interested in hearing about my recent trip to the FAR Convention in Orlando a few weeks ago. While going through the exhibit hall of nearly 150 vendors, I was continu...
    Kay Conageski, Realtor, Keyes Plantation

  • "This is such a great organization. I really became a Realtor when I started with The Keyes Company. The training and the processes for job improvement is really first class. Ironically I never spoke to any other Brokerage when I ...
    Carol Muir, Realtor; Coral Springs
  • "I joined Keyes because of its fine reputation and long history in South Florida. There were opportunities and doors which opened for me upon receiving my real estate license but I chose Keyes as the best alternative for my long t...
    Flor Blanchett, Realtor; Weston
  • I joined Keyes because of the professionalism and persistence. When I entered the Lighthouse Point office, I was greatly impressed with the facility as well as the staff. Don Willis and Sharon Benjamin conveyed the spirit of the o...
    Maria Strang, Realtor; Lighthouse Point
  • Dear Mr. Clodgo - With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks. Your excellent teaching skills and enormous proficiency in this industry has helped me tremendously as I begin my journey with Keyes. Your remarkable wealth of informati...
    Maria Colandrea, Realtor; Delray Beach
  • While I was studying for my exam, I met with several Real Estate firms to determine who I wanted to work with. As a new agent, I wanted a training program which would help me to get started. Of everyone I met with, Vanessa provide...
    Ann Ryan, Realtor; Doral
  • I am extremely happy that I joined Keyes Doral Plaza. I travel to Venezuela on a monthly basis and the staff has been extremely helpful to my needs. They are always ready, willing and able to go beyond their duties to help the age...
    Felipe Cuerdo, Realtor; Doral Plaza
  • My business has literarily changed since joining the Keyes family this last November. I met Eddie Tybuszynski a senior agent at Keyes at one of his listings. We instantly hit it off. Eddie set up an appointment for me to speak wit...
    Andrew Saporito, Realtor; Palm Beach Gardens
  • Keyes is the most professional brokerage we know and we ve looked at most of the competition. Since we joined Keyes we have benefited from many things and, when packaged together, they create a huge advantage for our business. Som...
    Marion Suro & Ida Mulvey, Realtors; Palm Beach Gardens
  • Thank you Keyes for 32 years of support, training and amazing friendships! When I began at the age of 21 with no Real Estate experience, I had no idea of the impact I would make in my community and company. Keyes has and continues...
    Marta DuPree, Broker-Associate/Vice-President
  • For many years, I was a licensed mortgage broker and actually ran my own company. I could see the mortgage business was beginning to decline. I wanted to make a career change but stay in the real estate field. Becoming a realtor w...
    Cindy Barron, Realtor; Coral Springs
  • I would like to express my appreciation to you and Keyes for investing the time to train in my new career. I was like a lost sheep before the Sudden Success Training and now I understand my job. I know there is a lot more knowledg...
    Dane Lalah, Realtor; Coral Springs
  • The reason I joined The Keyes Company is because I was looking for a positive office atmosphere in order to go to work each day. I was tired of working from home with all the distractions I had to face with a home office. I met wi...
    Dennis Cantlay P.A., Reatlor, Coral Springs
  • Barbara is a powerful asset as a Manager for the Keyes Company. She leads by example, provides excellent training, strives for committment and success for all, and can be counted on for sound advice and loyal support. She is the r...
    Mike Cunningham, Realtor, Palm Beach Gardens
  • Dear Phil, I want to thank you for the excellent training program you conduct weekly for new Keyes associates. Even though I ve attended many other nationally recognized real estate training programs, I found your training to be t...
    ELIZABETH GRECO, Realtor, Aventura
  • In your Sudden Success class you had directed the class to cold call For Sale by Owners . I had located the following home on one of the web sites you suggested. It turned out that the FSBO was in the process of listing with anoth...
    Chris Snyder, Realtor, Plantation
  • I wanted to take this opportunity to drop you a line so that I can express my sincere appreciation for everything you`ve done for my family and I. Relocating from Jacksonville is not going to be an easy move. Let alone, looking fo...
    Melissa Matos, Realtor
  • I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to pursue me over the last 2 years to join The Keyes Co. The interest you have taken in my success is truly sincere and greatly appreciated. Since joining, I have been ...
    Walter Wilde, Realtor, Palm Beach Gardens
  • I joined Keyes because of their support systems and level of professionalism. I have not seen and better at any other broker in our market in South Florida. And I love the fact that it is a family owned company with 30 offices (I ...
    Kimberly Joy Castellotti, Realtor, Wellington
  • The reason why I chose Keyes is because I wanted to be with a large up to date company with the family run atmosphere. Being a CPA, I have worked with some of the largest CPA firms in the world. Once I retired and became a Realtor...
    Esther Mantel, Realtor, Aventura
  • The Keyes Co. has helped me tremendously in my real estate career because of the integrity and professionalism they project through the community here. Our agents have the best tools available to anybody in town and therefore we i...
    Terri Jackson, Realtor, New Smyrna Beach
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