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Mr. Clodgo, through this letter I would like to express my thankfulness for the time you spent with us, teaching us the basics of being a truly Realtor. All the instruction I received in those days is the enormous value to me as a Realtor in the coming years, as well as it allowed us enrich our professional background. Simply for me what I learned in these days was the best, and it is not comparable with any of my hundreds courses and trainings taken for me so far. Thanks and my best regards and God allow you continue your teaching mission for the coming years.

Hector Yusti, Realtor, Keyes Commercial
The Keyes Company

Hello Mr. Reibel and Mrs. Aragon, I`m fairly new to Keyes, and definitely new to Real Estate, but I must say I find your emails, especially the "tips" incredibly helpful and more importantly, loaded with relevant and valuable information. I usually have tons of questions, some of which I opt not to ask anyone, because I feel that they may be silly questions, but to my surprise, a lot of them have been answered by you. I run a business in Miami, that has nothing to do with Real Estate, and one of my biggest challenges has been finding the time to squeeze some of the activities that I need to do if I am to give this new profession a realistic chance to take off. Even though I get occasionally frustrated, I will continue as I find this field totally fascinating. Thank you both for your help! Respectfully, John Rojas, Realtor The Keyes Company, Realtors 2423 Le Jeune Road

John Rojas, Realtor, Keyes Coral Gables
The Keyes Company

Hi Mike! I thought you might be interested in hearing about my recent trip to the FAR Convention in Orlando a few weeks ago. While going through the exhibit hall of nearly 150 vendors, I was continually looking to find out what is new in the market as far as Realtor tools to help us with our business, marketing and online networking. As I would approach each vendor, they would notice my name badge with "Keyes" on it and my conference tag with Miami Board and would say, "we already partner with Keyes and your board and both have made sure that they provide their agents the best products we have to offer" -- these comments came from companies such as Agent Mailings, Quantum, CiclePix, Oakley Signs, Supra, IMapp; Express Docs, Esign, Realist, RPR, DotLoop, Forms Simplicity, Proxio, and VoicePad among many  others.  I was truly proud to not only be a Miami Board member, but a Keyes associate for sure and knowing that between both, we do have an edge over all the other agents out there competing for the same business. I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate all keeys does to help me get to the next level!! Kay Conageski, Realtor

Kay Conageski, Realtor, Keyes Plantation
The Keyes Company
"This is such a great organization. I really became a Realtor when I started with The Keyes Company. The training and the processes for job improvement is really first class. Ironically I never spoke to any other Brokerage when I knew I needed to move to another company. However when I spoke to Deborah Huellen and Mark Sadek, I knew this was the place to be. The branding and support is second to none and thanks to all for the help that has been given to me. Now since this is like a second career to me I can see a long and productive relationship".
Carol Muir, Realtor; Coral Springs
The Keyes Company
"I joined Keyes because of its fine reputation and long history in South Florida. There were opportunities and doors which opened for me upon receiving my real estate license but I chose Keyes as the best alternative for my long term goals. The Pappas family has an outstanding reputation and after seeing how they manage the company, and getting to know the family, the late Chairman, Mike, Tim, etc. Keyes is a company with a heart and its culture is one of providing the best support and business environment to its agents. I am proud of being a part of the family and always enjoy working with other Keyes agents because I know they have been well trained and have the highest business standards. Along the way I have been approached by many brokers looking to expand their ranks and I always give them the same answer: `I love The Keyes Company, I have the best manager an agent could ever have and see no reason to look elsewhere`"
Flor Blanchett, Realtor; Weston
The Keyes Company
I joined Keyes because of the professionalism and persistence. When I entered the Lighthouse Point office, I was greatly impressed with the facility as well as the staff. Don Willis and Sharon Benjamin conveyed the spirit of the office. They were professional, friendly, and expressed a willingness to help me get my real estate career started. Needless to say, I joined Keyes. I have been a member of the Lighthouse Point Office since August, 2012. Now in January,2013, I am closing on my first property. I am grateful for all the assistance I have received from Don, Sharon, and the other realtors in our office. It is certain that Brenda Conley`s recruiting efforts played an important part in me making a decision to join Keyes.
Maria Strang, Realtor; Lighthouse Point
The Keyes Company
Dear Mr. Clodgo - With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks. Your excellent teaching skills and enormous proficiency in this industry has helped me tremendously as I begin my journey with Keyes. Your remarkable wealth of information will be most effective to me as a new associate. You have instilled many wonderful skills that I found fabulous and life changing. You have truly motivated me 100%. I plan to succeed and owe my new level of excitement to you. Keyes has been truly lucky to have such a passionate and articulate person on their team. Thank You.
Maria Colandrea, Realtor; Delray Beach
The Keyes Company
While I was studying for my exam, I met with several Real Estate firms to determine who I wanted to work with. As a new agent, I wanted a training program which would help me to get started. Of everyone I met with, Vanessa provided the best presentation, which is why I chose Keyes over the competition. Since my start a year ago, I`ve been impressed by the professionalism and talent of the firm, and grateful for the training I have received.
Ann Ryan, Realtor; Doral
The Keyes Company
I am extremely happy that I joined Keyes Doral Plaza. I travel to Venezuela on a monthly basis and the staff has been extremely helpful to my needs. They are always ready, willing and able to go beyond their duties to help the agents and our clients. I am looking forward to growing in the real estate market with the support of Keyes.
Felipe Cuerdo, Realtor; Doral Plaza
The Keyes Company
My business has literarily changed since joining the Keyes family this last November. I met Eddie Tybuszynski a senior agent at Keyes at one of his listings. We instantly hit it off. Eddie set up an appointment for me to speak with Barbara Kozlow, Manager who blew me away with the support and training, marketing and powerful tools Keyes offers their associates. I was introduced to Ken Millsaps who has been an awesome go to person for all my needs. No matter how much I bug him, he always maintains positive feedback and support! I would also add that the whole office is very supportive of each other, which make the atmosphere vibrant and very productive. I finally have my system in place to get my four D s seamlessly done every day and deliver the best customer experience, each and every day! Thank you PBG Keyes team!
Andrew Saporito, Realtor; Palm Beach Gardens
The Keyes Company
Keyes is the most professional brokerage we know and we ve looked at most of the competition. Since we joined Keyes we have benefited from many things and, when packaged together, they create a huge advantage for our business. Some of these things are: Expanding our team without increasing our administrative expenses; Increasing our farm area while reducing our expenses; Expanding our business through Web Leads; Expanding our business through RELO referrals; Reducing expenses of hosting our Web Site; Group advertising; Keyes high-quality Marketing Tools (CMA s, Buyer s Tours, etc.); Keyes Coaching; An outstanding team of associates; Excellent management and office support; Keyes Advanced Training Programs. Keyes truly is the best kept secret ! In summary, we wish we had moved to Keyes many years ago!
Marion Suro & Ida Mulvey, Realtors; Palm Beach Gardens
The Keyes Company
Thank you Keyes for 32 years of support, training and amazing friendships! When I began at the age of 21 with no Real Estate experience, I had no idea of the impact I would make in my community and company. Keyes has and continues to provide the most updated training, technology and support that I need to stay at the top of this business. With this support I am able to provide my clients with the best service and marketing. All the friendships that I have made with Keyes associates throughout Florida is priceless! - Marta DuPree; Broker-Associate/Vice-President
Marta DuPree, Broker-Associate/Vice-President
Keyes Company
For many years, I was a licensed mortgage broker and actually ran my own company. I could see the mortgage business was beginning to decline. I wanted to make a career change but stay in the real estate field. Becoming a realtor was an easy decision for me. When I first became a Realtor, I started with a small company. While there was nothing wrong with where I worked I quickly outgrew it. There was no training, no leads and a general lack of staying up with cutting edge. I knew it was time for me to. While exploring my options for another real estate company, I had a number of offers but Keyes quickly went to the top to the list. There were a number of things, which impressed me about Keyes. First, The Keyes Company Realtors is a family run organization that s actually run like a family. I never felt like a number here. Having been in the real estate business in Florida since 1926, Keyes and has an impressive history of success in the Florida real estate market. Second, The Keyes Company Realtors offers extensive, hands on live training which most other companies do not offer. Third, The Keyes Company Realtors is the industry leader when it comes to keeping up with technology and the South Florida Real Estate market. Along with their first class internet advertising on places like Trulia and, The Keyes Company Realtor has one of the best internet lead generating programs in the business. Finally, another advantage at The Keyes Company Realtors is they recognize ability. I ve been here for less than a year but have already been accepted to the Cadre program, Keyes training program for managers. Keyes believes in promoting from within which provides additional opportunities. When I considered all the Keyes has to offer they become the obvious choice for me. I think it will be your choice too. -Cindy Barron
Cindy Barron, Realtor; Coral Springs
Keyes Company
I would like to express my appreciation to you and Keyes for investing the time to train in my new career. I was like a lost sheep before the Sudden Success Training and now I understand my job. I know there is a lot more knowledge required to become a successful real estate professional, however you have given me the confidence, the required start up knowledge and have launched the path for a long and productive career with Keyes. I would recommend follow up classes to help to keep us informed and motivated. Once again I would like to thank you and the Keyes Company for investing your time to help me start my new career. I now have a better chance to succeed in the industry.
Dane Lalah, Realtor; Coral Springs
Keyes Company
The reason I joined The Keyes Company is because I was looking for a positive office atmosphere in order to go to work each day. I was tired of working from home with all the distractions I had to face with a home office. I met with Mark Sadek, DSM, Coral Springs/Parkland Branch a few times and I had spoken with a some Keyes agents that I had done deals with in the office. Everyone I spoke with was very positive in his or her outlook on real estate and The Keyes Company. Keyes is willing to do what they can to help you succeed. They have a great training program and have different lead generation programs to help you if you want. The office staff and agents are friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have. I have a completely new attitude on real estate and I am looking forward to my career at The Keyes Company.
Dennis Cantlay P.A., Reatlor, Coral Springs
Keyes Company
Barbara is a powerful asset as a Manager for the Keyes Company. She leads by example, provides excellent training, strives for committment and success for all, and can be counted on for sound advice and loyal support. She is the reason I selected Keyes as home to my Real Estate Career.
Mike Cunningham, Realtor, Palm Beach Gardens
Keyes Company
Dear Phil, I want to thank you for the excellent training program you conduct weekly for new Keyes associates. Even though I ve attended many other nationally recognized real estate training programs, I found your training to be the most educational, practical, and inspiring. I look forward to applying what I have learned in your class to my business. Thanks again for your time and training!
ELIZABETH GRECO, Realtor, Aventura
Keyes Company
In your Sudden Success class you had directed the class to cold call For Sale by Owners . I had located the following home on one of the web sites you suggested. It turned out that the FSBO was in the process of listing with another Realtor. The property was listed at that time at $3,600,000. The owner called me last week wanting to meet with me. After several robust conversations regarding the market, services Keyes Company offers, frankness about pricing, the reasonable commitment of time and resources by myself, we prevailed. The listing agreement was signed last night for $2,775,000 dollars. A positive, can do attitude, coupled with the resources of the Keyes Company, and executing the basics every day, does make a difference. In retrospect, the leadership, available tools and help Keyes Company has to offer, I believe is unsurpassed in this market place.
Chris Snyder, Realtor, Plantation
Keyes Company
I wanted to take this opportunity to drop you a line so that I can express my sincere appreciation for everything you`ve done for my family and I. Relocating from Jacksonville is not going to be an easy move. Let alone, looking for a new job in this economy. For about 6 weeks, I have been contacting several agencies and potential employers in hopes of getting a call back from somebody to help me make this move. Most recently, I started searching for properties on and stumbled upon a few listings from Keyes. I then became very interested when I looked further into the careers with Keyes and decided to schedule an appointment. Due to the lack of response from previous potential employers, I assumed I wouldn`t hear anything and that I would have to keep calling. Little did I know that I would receive a call on the same day! Ever since then, it`s all history. You have informed me more about south Florida and have made me feel very excited about this new venture. As you know, follow up is very important in real estate. You have consistently followed up with me and I thank you for answering the many questions that I`ve asked so far and many that will come in the near future. I appreciate all the insight and feedback you have provided my family and I so far. We are all getting really excited and we feel one step closer to making the move. Out of all my years in this industry, you have been by far the most informative person I have come across recently. For this and for all you do, I thank you. I can`t wait until I meet you next Wednesday. Thank you again for your professionalism, friendliness and patience. It has painted a picture of the company that I look forward to joining. Sincerely, Melissa Matos
Melissa Matos, Realtor
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to pursue me over the last 2 years to join The Keyes Co. The interest you have taken in my success is truly sincere and greatly appreciated. Since joining, I have been able to see why you have one of the top performing offices in the state. Your upbeat personality, get it done attitude and team environment has truly made me realize, I have made the right choice by joining your office. I look forward to growing in my real estate career with you and The Keyes Co. Thank you for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel and steering me towards success.
Walter Wilde, Realtor, Palm Beach Gardens
Keyes Company
I joined Keyes because of their support systems and level of professionalism. I have not seen and better at any other broker in our market in South Florida. And I love the fact that it is a family owned company with 30 offices (I can feel comfortable using any of their facilities and being a part of their family as well). Our Wellington office is the best kept secret in the entire Western Communities of Palm Beach Co. I absolutely love everything about Keyes. They welcomed me with open arms and made my transition from my former company painless. My team is also very impressed with the technology programs in place, their commercial division, ALL of it! The entire package has been a real value for not only me but my clients as well. They were pleased that I made the change to Keyes. It s about being able to provide superior service. I do love it and thank you!
Kimberly Joy Castellotti, Realtor, Wellington
Keyes Company
The reason why I chose Keyes is because I wanted to be with a large up to date company with the family run atmosphere. Being a CPA, I have worked with some of the largest CPA firms in the world. Once I retired and became a Realtor , I had the same mentalities, so therefore I went to work for the larger national companies. After a few years working for these companies and seeing the lack of management skills from the top level to the broker, I did my research as much as possible and Keyes had what I wanted. A family run business that cares for their agents and run like a National Co. with up to date technology, that s why I joined Keyes!
Esther Mantel, Realtor, Aventura
Keyes Company
The Keyes Co. has helped me tremendously in my real estate career because of the integrity and professionalism they project through the community here. Our agents have the best tools available to anybody in town and therefore we impress our buyers and sellers with our ability to market and sell their properties. Also, we have a state of the art new office that blows away everything that is available in New Smyrna Beach for other Realtors . So, by far . The Keyes Co. has afforded us the greatest opportunity to appear professional, knowledgeable, and out sell the competition due to all the tools they provide us.
Terri Jackson, Realtor, New Smyrna Beach


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